You chose your soul’s personality before coming into this lifetime, it’s something all souls do before each incarnation. But the choices you make are far from random, much consideration goes into the decision-making process.

Watch this week’s sermon below to hear Ainslie and Christine share more about soul types in general, and explore three of them – the Spiritualist, Creator, and Thinker. 

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Your Soul Type

Like all souls, you seek to experience everything you can about being human. You want to learn, grow and heal as much as possible during the upcoming incarnation. And your soul’s personality is the vehicle that helps you reach your goals.

Your soul’s personality is made up of a variety of traits, including missions, talents, desires, investigations, etc., and each one is important. But probably the most important aspect of your design is your soul type and influences. And to learn what your soul type and influences are, check out Ainslie’s free Soul Type Quiz.

What Are Soul Types?

 The 10 soul types are:

  1. Helper
  2. Caregiver
  3. Educator
  4. Thinker
  5. Creator
  6. Performer
  7. Hunter
  8. Leader
  9. Spiritualist
  10. Transformer

Drawing from this list, most every soul will have one main soul type, a primary influence, and a handful of secondary influences (some people will have more or less).

Your particular combination helps make you the unique individual you are. And though your soul type will always be the most significant aspect, your influences will affect how you express your soul’s personality

As a spiritual seeker, knowing who you are is likely a driving force. But there’s a deeper reason for this drive than just self-awareness.

Knowing Your Soul Types = Understanding Your Soul Purpose

Your soul, like all souls, has goals for this incarnation. And to help you reach those goals, you created a life plan. Think of it as a map to help guide you along the journey.

Your soul chose the specific soul types and influences it did – along with the rest of the traits that make up your soul’s personality – to support you in fulfilling your soul’s purpose for this lifetime. A simple way of thinking about it is – who you are is why you’re here.

Every aspect of your design is connected to the many past lives your soul has experienced. No matter what your interests, abilities, traits or talents happen to be, there’s a past life you can access to increase your abilities and increase your enjoyment of the things you do in this life.


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