To live the life your soul intended requires the freedom to be yourself. Knowing who you are at a soul level helps with that.

In this week’s broadcast, Christine and Ainslie talk about how your soul chooses its personality before you reach the Physical Plane, and the explore the 10 Soul Types. Click the video below to watch.

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You’re here to be yourself, not someone else’s idea of who you should be. Understanding who you are and why you’re here begins with knowing your true personality – aka your soul types.

Soul types are archetypes related to your function in the tribe you were originally a part of 55,000 years ago. Your true personality comes from your soul types.


Whether now or in Ancient Rome, every community was filled with members who embodied the personality traits associated with the 10 different soul types. From leaders to teachers, to healers, creators, and dreamers, every soul had an important role then, and does today as well.

Sadly, in the modern world, we often don’t value these different roles. Too often society tries to force you to fit within a certain box.


The corruption of soul types in the last 10-15,000 years can make it hard to focus on the soul type we really are. Society’s unhealthy obsession with celebrities is a perfect example.

As an old soul it’s important to remember that you have the freedom to truly be yourself.

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