Your soul’s missions are an important part of your personality, and they’re chosen to support you in fulfilling your life plan for each incarnation. 

In today’s sermon, Ainslie and Christine explore the missions of Connection and Avoidance, and why so many of us have both. His spirit guides refer to that as the Paradox. Click the video to watch!

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souls are social animals

Souls are (in the main) social animals. But downtime is important for everyone. Even the biggest extroverts need some quiet time. And for introverts, alone time is a must. However, not everyone is simply one or the other.

Introvert or Extrovert?

Where you fall on the spectrum of introvert/extrovert is entirely the result of your soul’s missions, and the specific ones you chose as part of your life plan. Some souls are total extroverts. They have a strong mission of Connection. Others are total introverts. They have a strong mission of Avoidance.

A mission of Connection ensures you seek out other souls and avoid being a hermit. A day alone can feel like a year in solitary confinement for some extroverts. In fact, it’s unhealthy at a soul level for an extrovert to be cut off from interaction with others.

On the other hand, if you’re comfortable on your own, never feel lonely, and get irritated or drained from being around too many people for too long, then you’ve got a mission of Avoidance. For someone with this mission, alone time can feel like a personal retreat. Conversely, being around other people too much – even the ones you love the most – can be draining.

The Paradox

Where the combination of your soul’s missions gets interesting is when someone has both the missions of Connection and Avoidance. Or what the spirit guides call the Paradox. It may surprise you to learn that most souls have the Paradox, which causes a person to want to be with people and to get away from them too.

If you’ve ever noticed a push and pull when it comes to being around people, you’ve got the Paradox. You’ll enjoy the company of others, and perhaps even shine in group settings. But afterwards, you’ll feel drained, and will often need downtime to regain your strength.



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