Your soul chooses specific missions for each incarnation to help it reach its goals for the lifetime ahead. Two common missions include Connection or Avoidance. And when someone chooses both, which is surprisingly common in older souls, Ainslie’s spirit guides refer to that as the Paradox.

In this week’s broadcast, Christine and Ainslie take a deeper dive into the Paradox from last week’s sermon. Click the video below to watch.

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A mission of Connection is extremely common and is your soul’s desire to have intimacy with others. If you have this mission, it means you’re not meant to be alone. This is the extrovert side of the coin.

The spiritual focus of the mission of Avoidance is the opposite and reflects your soul’s desire to ensure that you have as much time as possible to be on your own. This is the introvert side of the coin.


The Paradox, when your soul has BOTH missions, is most often chosen by an individual whose life has a spiritual focus, yet also requires them to spend significant time out in the world.

Whether or not you have the Paradox, living a more spiritual and connected life begins with creating tranquility so you can hear the guidance you’re being offered by the soul world.

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