You arrived in this life with a clear idea of what your authentic self was meant to accomplish. The trouble is, that as you grew, you encountered countless people who wanted to change you.

In this week’s broadcast, Ainslie and Christine talk about your authentic self at a soul level, and how other people’s expectations can get in the way of your mission. Click the video below to watch.

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Each time you incarnate, you know what you’re here to do. Your soul type and influences tend to manifest quite strongly.

For example, a Hunter type with a performer influence might be a rambunctious toddler with piles of energy, eager to dance their diapered butt off to the music.

When you arrive here, your soul’s authentic voice hasn’t yet been marred by other’s expectations. And it’s easy to see what you’re meant to do and be in this incarnation simply by looking at your soul’s personality.


The spirit guides have often said that from the moment we arrive in this life, everyone wants to change us. It’s this, more than almost anything else, that takes us off course from our life plan.

How many of us remember hearing someone say, “Why can’t you be more like…?” Parents tend to be the worst culprits for inflicting external expectations. But as we age, our parents’ opinions are joined by those of our teachers, peers, and greater societal norms. It’s a wonder that any of us make the journey back to our authentic self!


So many of us have spent our lives running from who we know we truly are. This is often the result of false beliefs inflicted upon us by the people who purported to love us most. 

Creators believe they’re too sensitive. Caregivers think they’re too empathic. Thinkers wish they could stop overthinking. Hunters are shamed for jumping around. Educators are told to stop lecturing others. Performers feel badly for showing off. Leaders are called bossy. The list goes on and on.

In reconnecting with your soul type, you’re able to heal the limiting beliefs you gained in childhood regarding your soul’s personality, and to finally live in alignment with your soul’s purpose in this life.


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