Everybody has spirit guides, including you. And they’re standing by 24/7 just waiting for you to call on them.

In this week’s broadcast, Ainslie continues the theme of manifesting by talking about the third key principle to achieve your goals: collaborating with your spirit guides.

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What Are Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides are souls who are in another dimension or realm. Their entire purpose is to help you on your journey. They are your intuition, and the small, still voice that inspires, nudges, or warns you about people and experiences as you make your way through life on the Physical Plane.

Your spirit guides want nothing more than to help you live a deeply rewarding life, and to achieve your soul’s life plan (that you created before incarnating).

How to Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Anyone and everyone can – and are encouraged to – work with their spirit guides, and there are many paths you can take to start communicating with yours.

Whether it’s through meditation, dream work, journaling, using a pendulum or tarot cards, dialoging, or really any way that resonates with you – now is the best time to start communicating with your spirit guides!


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