It’s important to look back to your soul’s earliest lifetimes to gain a better understanding of your life purpose now. In these past lifetimes, your life purpose had a clear role in your clan or community.

In this week’s broadcast, Ainslie describes how soul types learn from another, and how in our lifetimes, we have a role both as a student and as a teacher. Click the video below to watch.

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Revisiting a Stone Age lifetime doesn’t mean going back to a nomadic or hunter gatherer lifestyle. Rather, by reconnecting with the spirit of tightknit clans and tribes of the ancient past, we can better understand the value of learning from, and sharing knowledge with other members of the group.

Back then, people looked up to those who had superior knowledge to their own, and admired them because of their knowledge and abilities, and aspired to be like them.


People in Stone Age clans and tribes looked up to those who were most like them. In other words, if you were a Creator type, you would look up to other Creator types. If you were a Caregiver, you’d learn how to nurture children, attend to the sick, or be a midwife, from an older Caregiver.

We did way back then, and deep down still do now, admire those who have similar soul types and talents. And it works both ways. As we get older, we’re programmed to pass on our knowledge to the next generation.


When we complete this life, or any other lifetime, we go to the Astral Plane to process what we learned and prepare for the next incarnation. During that time, we become spirit guides to family members, children, grandchildren, and others on the Physical Plane.

From its vantage point on the Astral Plane, the soul clearly sees the need to help others. But for humans on the Physical Plane, this knowledge is often blocked. Imagine how different the world would be if more humans recognized the roles we were meant to play in helping one another.


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