After more than two decades as a psychic, Ainslie’s convinced that past life work offers some of the most profound healing potential available.
In this week’s sermon, Ainslie explores the topic and shares some examples of how past life trauma shows up in this life. He also offers a quick technique to help your soul experience a healing shift. Watch the replay below.

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Your Soul and Past-Life Trauma

What is it about past life work that encourages such dramatic healing shifts in my clients? In part, it’s because your soul has two major blind spots. 

Firstly, it can’t separate mind, body, and spirit. Which is why an ailment like depression can cause physical illness, or why treating your body to a day of pampering at the spa can give you an emotional and spiritual lift. 

Secondly, your soul can’t separate out one incarnation from another. The effects of past life trauma tend to dissipate over the centuries (a reason most lives I explore with clients are in the last three hundred years). However, when your soul encounters a reminder of what happened in its more recent past, the alarm bells start ringing, even if the original cause was many lifetimes ago.


That Was Then, This is Now

A big reason why past-life work works is quite simply because – as you remind your soul of what happened in its past, it can let go. Your soul says to itself, “That was a past life? Oh, right then, I’ll stop worrying about it.” And this reaction leads to sometimes dramatic healing.

While you may, unfortunately, experience trauma in this lifetime, the deeper resonance of your fears, phobias, and limiting beliefs often originate from your soul’s earlier incarnations. And the key to healing the past is to revisit it.

By doing so, you remind your soul that “that was then, this is now.” And that it’s ok to let the fears go. While healing from really big fears can sometimes take more work, I’ve seen countless times how simply identifying the past life source results in immediate and sustainable healing.


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