A fear of loss is one of the 10 fears souls experience after traumatic past lives, and often the most common for old souls. While most souls carry at least one of the ten fears, some will have them all. 

In this week’s sermon, Ainslie explores how this fear manifested in a client, and why it’s showing up for so many of us these days. Plus, he offers some tips for how to release the fear to experience deeper healing. Check out the video below to learn more.

Please note: There is a typo in the first slide of the video. The slide shows January 8, 2022 when it should be January 8, 2023. This video is a recording of the January 8, 2023 Soul World Sunday broadcast.

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What Kind of Past Life Trauma Creates a Fear of Loss?

Let’s say you lost everything in a previous incarnation. You were the only survivor of an attack that left your family dead, and your home ruined. That kind of sudden and devastating loss will leave its mark on your soul through a fear of loss.

You might not know your soul carries this fear until you actually have something to lose. For many people that’s children.

If your soul carries a fear of loss, once you have kids, you may become obsessively worried – even terrified – that something awful will happen to them. And, if you specifically lost your children in a past life, of course the fear will be even stronger in this life.


The resonances or symptoms of this fear are varied, but one of the most common is a reluctance to get too attached to material things. It’s your soul’s way of avoiding hurt. It can either make you a minimalist that says, “The less I have, the less I have to lose.” Or a hoarder who insists, “The more I have, the safer I feel.”

One simple key to healing is to identify the past life source of the trauma, and then simply remind your soul “that was then, this is now.”



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