While the intention for Soul World Sunday has always been to focus on reincarnation and your soul’s spiritual journey, every now and then it’s important to look at Physical Plane issues.

In this week’s sermon, Ainslie explores how spirituality and politics are inseparable, and how old souls need to rise up and work together to create a more compassionate, fair, and loving world for all. Click the video below to learn more. 

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I’ve been very outspoken about the fact that I believe spirituality and politics are inseparable. My spirit guides often say that it’s incumbent upon old souls to be actively involved in creating a better and more just world for all. Avoiding the issue is not only a privileged perspective, but it also risks incurring bad karma. Something every soul tries to avoid.

Politics affects us all. And while the consequences of not caring or being involved may not particularly impact your day-to-day life, for someone else, it could be the difference between life and death.

How Soul Ages Influence Beliefs and Behaviors

Every soul is on a journey to learn the importance of what my spirit guides call the Ten Paths, or Core Values, which include respect, equality, peace, freedom, and love.

Embodying these values comes more naturally to older souls because they’ve learned the importance of self-reflection. Younger souls, however, are still learning this tool.

Young souls have far less experience on the physical plane and have yet to learn that what happens to one, impacts us all. Which is why older souls have a responsibility to act as role models to younger souls.

Old souls will generally stand up for those who are oppressed or powerless, demand the truth, respect those of different ethnic origins, gender and sexual orientations, and economic backgrounds. But when it comes to politics, older souls can be astonishingly disinterested.

In contrast to the naivete displayed by young souls, older souls tend to be more cynical. This unfortunate side effect of all those many incarnations, causes many old souls to avoid the nightly news, political events, and even polling stations.

Your Responsibility as an Old Soul

As an old soul, it’s your responsibility to – at a minimum – support policies and politicians who represent old-soul values. It’s imperative for all souls to choose the path of love. But because young souls are still learning that we’re all connected, it’s even more important for old souls to walk this path.


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