What’s My Soul Purpose?

One of the most common questions Ainslie hears during his client sessions is, “What’s my soul purpose?” The archives listed below all have something in common with this fascinating – and important to understand – theme.

Replays Related to Soul Purpose

Choosing a Mission of Love

Choosing a Mission of Love

By choosing a mission of Love, your soul has decided that you’ll be learning big lessons in compassion. In this week’s broadcast, Ainslie discusses why so many souls are choosing this mission these days as a “default mode.” Click the video below to...

The Importance of Embodying Old Soul Values

The Importance of Embodying Old Soul Values

There are ten paths, goals, or core values that unite all older souls. In this week’s broadcast, Christine and Ainslie discuss how old souls learn to reject the smoke and mirrors of irrelevant issues and stand up for what is truly right. Click the...

Love is the Ultimate Goal

Love is the Ultimate Goal

If you think of love as the ultimate goal, then you’ll start to see what separates the old souls from the young. In this week’s broadcast, Christine and Ainslie talk about how your spiritual journey leads to love. Click the video below to...

Living the Life Your Soul Intended

Living the Life Your Soul Intended

You’re here to live the life your soul intended. And when you don’t, it creates a major sense of disappointment that you’ll carry with you from this life to the next. In this week’s broadcast, Christine and Ainslie discuss the importance of...

Understanding Your Life Purpose

If you’re like most every other old soul, you want to know what you’re here to do – why you came back to the Physical Plane. You want to know what your life purpose is at a soul level, and you feel a pull, maybe even an urgency to figure it out. But you’re not really sure how.

Everything that Ainslie and Christine do in their private sessions and their Soul World Community membership program is centered around helping old souls figure this out. And it’s a topics they often explore during their Soul World Sunday broadcasts.

Understanding your soul’s purpose requires you to first know your soul’s personality. Because, as Ainslie often says, “Who you are is why you’re here.” But what does that mean? It’s simple, really.

Who You Are is Why You’re Here

While your soul was still on the Astral Plane planning for this life, one of the things it did was choose the right personality for the journey. It looked back at what it had learned so far, and then looked ahead to see what it wanted to learn for the lifetime ahead.

Your soul chose specific soul types, missions, desires, and talents, etc. (all related to the method given to Ainslie by his spirit guides that he wrote about in his first book, The Instruction). All of which makes up the personality you have now, and it’s all designed to help you fulfill your life plan.

Think of it this way: you wouldn’t choose flip flops to climb to the top of Mt. Everest. You’d choose appropriate hiking gear and climbing attire in order to help you meet your goal. In the same way, your soul chose the appropriate personality to help you manifest your soul purpose.

Support for Your Spiritual Journey

In each Soul World Sunday broadcast, Ainslie and Christine focus on wisdom from the spirit guides to help you on your path. You learn about things like the 10 core values that all souls aspire towards, how to open your heart chakra, how to function as an empowered empath, and other important themes related to your spiritual journey.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then you’re in the right place! We’ll be adding more replays from Soul World Sunday broadcasts over time, including both future and previous events.

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