Most old souls are drawn to the idea of soul family and kindred spirits. It’s no surprise really when we consider that finding one’s soul family is a vital component to the old’s soul’s mission.

In this week’s broadcast, Ainslie and Christine talk about the concept of the soulmate, and the spiritual journey to reconnecting with your soul family. Click the video below to watch.

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If you’re an old soul now, your story began about 6,000 years ago on the Causal Plane. Like sparks leaving a flame, your spiritual journey began when thousands of units of individual consciousness left the universal consciousness at the same time. These souls are your family.

Once here on earth, you and your soul family will spend lifetimes seeking each other out. Ensuring you meet these kindred spirits is an occupation that keeps your spirit guides busy. Have you ever met someone under unlikely circumstances and instantly felt you’ve known them forever? That’s because you’re soul family.

Old souls tend to want to spend time with souls that they’ve known before (in other incarnations). Why? Because as our soul ages, we have little interest in relationships unless we can develop a deep sense of intimacy. It’s much easier to achieve this goal when we’re not starting from scratch with a brand-new soul connection.


The spirit guides use the terms soulmate, old friend, and kindred spirit almost interchangeably. But there are some subtle nuances.

A “kindred spirit” is a member of your soul family with whom you’ve made a soul agreement to share lessons in this life.

A “soulmate” tends to be a romantic soul agreement made between two souls from the same family, and with shared past lives.

An “old friend” is a member of your soul family with whom you’ve interacted in past lives.


Old friend relationships are often coloured by the soul agreements of past lives. If your current mother used to be your child, you may find that she leans more heavily on you than your other siblings. Or you may feel compelled to be her caretaker – a past life role reversal.

When we uncover the nature of our soul agreements with kindred spirits, we can begin to understand the dynamic at a deeper level, creating an even more profound bond.

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