Soul ages are probably one of the best ways to explain why people act and believe the way they do. As your soul ages, you’ll resonate deeply with that famous quote about how one gains wisdom by walking a mile in another man’s shoes because you literally have- Again, and again, and again. 

In this week’s sermon, Ainslie and Christine explore the characteristics of the different souls ages from young to old, and what the ultimate goal is for all souls – young and old. Click the video below to watch.

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Have you ever wondered why we humans see the world so differently, or what makes one person a bleeding-hearted humanitarian, and another an immigrant-bashing white supremacist? 

Why are some people God-fearing churchgoers, while others describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious,” or don’t believe in any deity at all? How come we don’t all want to clean up the environment, invest in renewable energy, or do something radical about climate change?

And why do some of us get all fired up about the rights of the unborn child, but seem happy to send them off to die in a war as soon as they’re old enough?

It all comes down to the one thing that divides us more than probably anything else: the age of the soul. Now, obviously, soul ages don’t explain every single action of every single individual, but it goes a long way towards explaining them in general.

Reincarnation Explains Everything

In the same way that children learn through experience and (with some exceptions) grow wiser with age, souls must go through that learning process as well.

Young souls do not have the same wisdom that older souls do simply because they haven’t yet learned through lifetimes of experience. And, without understanding the effects that multiple lifetimes have on our beliefs and behavior, we can never fully understand what it is to be human.

Each life you’ve had (and if you’re an old soul that could be well over a hundred) has built on those that went before. It’s how we get good at all sorts of things like playing music, learning languages, baking, sports, or any other talent or skill.

Reincarnation is also how you develop empathy, compassion, and concern about the wellbeing of others. Through your many past lifetimes, you’ll have experienced lifetimes being gay, straight, poor, rich, and all colors of the rainbow. And that experience has helped you have compassion for “the other” now because you’ve been “the other” in many lifetimes before.


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