How can you be a master manifester if your underlying belief is that nothing ever works out? Or that you’re undeserving of success?

In last week’s broadcast, Ainslie spoke about the first of three key principles to creating a successful manifestation practice. This week, Ainslie talks about the second principle – identifying the past-life source of your blocks and limiting beliefs, and why that matters.

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Healing Past-Life Trauma is Key for a Successful Manifestation Practice

One of the three key elements for a successful manifestation practice is identifying your soul’s past-life fears so you can release the associated limiting beliefs. Present-life experiences can be challenging enough. But what makes it even worse is that they act as triggers for your soul’s original wound, which always stems from previous incarnations. 

So often, when someone is trying to manifest a particular goal but having a really difficult time doing so, the cause is those pesky (and often, subconscious) limiting beliefs. 

Limiting Beliefs Are Roadblocks to Your Success

The good news is, you CAN overcome your soul’s past-life fears. It takes work and consistency, but it’s as simple as identifying the root cause, and then reminding your soul “that was then, this is now.”

Properly processing the past life related to your limiting beliefs will radically change your soul’s expectations of success. And when you also choose manifestation goals that are in alignment with your soul’s purpose (check out last week’s sermon for details), you’ll take your manifestation practice to the next level.

Who You Are Is Why You’re Here

While your soul was still on the Astral Plane preparing for the life ahead, it was very intentional about choosing a personality that would help it learn and grow, heal past-life fears, and achieve its goals. 

A simple way to gain clarity on your soul’s personality is to take Ainslie’s free Soul Type Quiz. Once you understand who you are at a soul level, choosing and achieving your manifesting goals becomes so much easier.


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