Reincarnation and Your Soul

Every soul, including yours, has a purpose – to evolve. And the way it does that is by experiencing multiple lifetimes on the Physical Plane. The replays listed below all have something in common with the theme of reincarnation.

Replays Related to Reincarnation

The Soul’s Desire for Immortality

The Soul’s Desire for Immortality

A desire for immortality doesn’t mean you want to live forever. It means you want to feel you’ve done something that leaves the world a better place. In this week’s broadcast, Christine and Ainslie explain why many old souls have the desire for...

Old Souls and Freedom

Old Souls and Freedom

Let’s talk about old souls and freedom, which is one of the 10 core values that all souls (and especially older ones) aspire to achieve. In this week’s broadcast, Christine and Ainslie discuss why old souls will go to great lengths to achieve...

Fulfilling Your Soul’s Life Plan

Fulfilling Your Soul’s Life Plan

Your soul uses its time between lives on the Astral Plane to process the life just lived and prepare for the next one. In this week’s broadcast, Christine and Ainslie talk about the importance of fulfilling your soul’s life plan. Click the video...

The Purpose of Reincarnation

To truly understand what it means to be human, the soul must leave the Universal Consciousness and become part of a physical body. But just one lifetime isn’t enough.

In the same way that you could never learn how to paint like a master with just one art lesson, your soul can’t fully evolve by experiencing a single incarnation. It learns and grows and evolves through multiple lifetimes on the Physical Plane, and it does this through reincarnation. Once you understand and embrace this principle, a whole new world of discovery awaits.

Soul Age and Healing

Your soul age plays a big part in how you view the world. Young souls haven’t yet learned the skill of deep self-reflection and are more likely to embrace religious dogma as truth. Old souls like you are driven to experience a life of deeper meaning through spiritual exploration, and are more likely to identify as spiritual rather than strictly religious.

You’re curious about things like spirit guides, reincarnation, and past life healing. And you understand that at a soul level, we’re all connected.

Learn From the Spirit Guides

In each Soul World Sunday broadcast, Ainslie and Christine focus on wisdom from the spirit guides to help you on your path. You learn about things like soul ages, the 10 core values that all souls aspire towards, how to connect with spirit guides, and other fascinating topics related to your spiritual journey.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then you’re in the right place! We’ll be adding more replays from Soul World Sunday broadcasts over time, including both future and previous events (all the way back to very first broadcast on April 19, 2021).

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