It’s fascinating the way past lives and health issues are connected. Trauma from your soul’s past lifetimes can show up in all sorts of ways this time around.

In this week’s broadcast, Ainslie shares a fascinating client story of profound physical healing that you don’t want to miss. Click the video below to watch.

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Your Soul Can’t Separate One Life From the Next

Things like limiting beliefs, fears, and blocks often have their roots in the past. Traumatic past life events can even result in physical ailments, which Ainslie’s spirit guides refer to as Achilles body parts.

While your physical body dies between lives, your soul doesn’t. Which means it cannot separate one life from the next. Sometimes this is good, but just as often, it’s not.

Clearing Resonances from Your Soul’s Past Life Trauma

Your soul brings the talents it’s earned along its journey with it into this life, and those abilities are great to have access to now. They can help you in your artistic endeavors, enhance your physical prowess, and support your confidence levels.

Where it becomes a problem is when your soul hangs onto trauma resonances from its past lives, which can show up as physical ailments. Oftentimes, the kinds of health issues that confound doctors and are seemingly impossible to heal.

The good news is that past lives and health issues don’t have to go hand in hand. Or at least, not once you identify the cause and communicate with your soul. To shift years of chronic pain or illness, often all it takes is to remind your soul that – that that was then, and this is now.


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