We hear a lot about how important it is to open your heart chakra. But what does that mean and why does it matter?

In this week’s broadcast, Ainslie dives into love from the soul’s perspective, and how to bring more of it into your own life. Click the video below to watch.

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Love, romantic and platonic, is the soul’s ultimate goal, and it seeks it out all the time. It’s the responsibility of every old soul to walk the path of love. It’s why you seek to give and receive love, and it’s why you’re drawn to evolve spiritually.

But sadly, we rarely hear someone say that they have all the love they could ever want or need. It’s much more common to hear people saying they either can’t find love, or they’re not getting the love they need from their relationships or friendships.

This is, in part, because we often present invisible blocks to expressing (and therefore attracting) love as a result of past-life hurts. In other words, our heart chakra is closed.

A closed heart chakra not only prevents you from experiencing the deepest level of love, it also blocks you from fully connecting with your spirit guides. And that makes it much more difficult to fulfill your soul purpose.

You are responsible for the emotions you express.

When you deliberately hurt someone in this life, you have the opportunity to heal the hurts by communicating with that person, and by recognizing and acknowledging the part you played in the experience.

  • Have you ever had someone apologize profusely to you?
  • Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m so sorry I hurt you?”
  • How did that make you feel?

Think about it – when someone is sincere in their apology or other communication with you – you can feel it. And when someone comes to you with an open heart chakra, doesn’t it feel even just a little bit safer to open your own heart chakra with them?

Everyone Benefits When You Open Your Heart Chakra to Love

When you express caring and concern for others, it comes from your heart chakra to theirs. It’s an expression of love, and the energy of love is never wasted.

Soulmates are the key to learning about love in a relationship. The agreement you have with one is usually designed to take both of you to a deeper level of intimacy than might be possible in another relationship. 

When you release the effects of the hurts from past life fears, it becomes easier to open your heart chakra. You change for the better. The people in your life change for the better. You attract new people into your life who are drawn to your expressions of love, which inspires them to open their heart chakra, and everyone benefits.

Your soul resides in your heart chakra. Which means having an open heart chakra not only brings more love into your life, it also creates a deeper connection with your very essence.


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