To your soul, kindness and karma go hand in hand. Ainslie’s spirit guides refer to the kind things you do for others as spiritual acts. And that’s important, because the kindness you express now will have a huge influence on your future incarnations.

Check out this week’s sermon as Ainslie and Christine explore karma and kindness, and why it’s so important to your soul. 

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Your Soul is Fundamentally Kind – However…

At its core, your soul is not arrogant. It doesn’t get jealous or mistrustful, and it couldn’t care less about “being right” the way your ego often does.

Your soul values knowledge, respect, peace and understanding (which are four of the 10 Core Values of every soul). It decries hypocrisy, shuns callous indifference, is intolerant to cruelty, and never tries to control others.

Unfortunately, your soul takes a real beating as it makes its way through its many incarnations here on Planet Earth. And the karmic consequences of Physical Plane traumas wreak havoc on your soul, causing it to carry resonances of fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs on its journey from one lifetime to the next.

Good Karma = Soul-Level Healing

Kindness is, in itself, karmic. The more kindness you bring into the world, the more you’ll benefit – in this life and the next.

Acts as simple as smiling at a stranger or helping an elder cross the street safely not only fill your heart and theirs with warmth, but spiritual acts like these also create good karma to help balance the scale.

On a more cosmic level, what you sow in this life, you’ll reap in the next. You can make a considerable impression on other souls in this life and the next through simple acts of kindness.

Storing up good karma for the future will enhance your life’s journey quickly and easily, and in your next life, your soul will be grateful for the things you did now to create a positive, healthy karmic legacy.


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