Helping a soul cross over to the other side is not usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a honeymoon. But that’s exactly what happened while Ainslie and Christine were in Venice, Italy during theirs.

In this week’s broadcast, Ainslie and Christine dive into a jaw-dropping story that led to them freeing a soul in an old Venice cathedral. Click the video below to hear more.

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Open Heart Chakras

While Ainslie is a psychic, he’s not a medium. His expertise is working with causal plane spirit guides to help clients heal fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs that stem from traumatic past-life experiences. And he helps those same clients tap into their soul’s life plan for this incarnation.

Christine doesn’t consider herself a psychic, but rather that she has psychic abilities and has a strong relationship with her spirit guides. She’s also highly empathic and deeply attuned to energy.

In addition, their heart chakras are open because of the deep love, trust, and commitment they share. Apparently, their combined gifts were the perfect recipe for helping a lost soul.

During the first few days into their visit, Christine’s attention kept getting drawn to a cathedral on the Grand Canal. There was nothing particularly attractive about the church. And after weeks of visiting dozens of the most beautiful churches imaginable in Italy, she and Ainslie didn’t quite understand the appeal. But it was clear they were being called to the cathedral.

Spiritual Acts = Good Karma

Christine and Ainslie eventually made their way over to the cathedral, and long story short, while there, they helped release the soul of a Benedictine monk who’d been trapped in the crypt for hundreds of years.

The spirit guides refer to what they did as a spiritual act, which always incurs good karma. The guides were responsible for prompting Ainslie and Christine to get to the church. And once they were inside the crypt, their open heart chakras created a sympathetic home that the spirit was drawn to and was able to gain their attention.

The experience was not only deeply healing for the monk’s soul, it was also one of the most profound experiences that Ainslie and Christine have shared.


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