The past life fear of loss is something many old souls are working through in this incarnation. While healing from any fear takes work, healing from a past life fear of loss is especially challenging these days as it has been constantly triggered during this global pandemic.

In today’s sermon, Ainslie and Christine share how they both carry the fear, and how they experienced a huge healing shift by doing past life healing work together. Click the video below to learn more.

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Does your soul have a past life fear of loss?

This fear is a result of a past life in which your soul experienced a devastating and sudden loss. You might have lost a loved one from an accident, or discovered you’d been swindled out of all your money by a crooked business partner. Traumatic experiences like these create a resonance that your soul will then bring with it into future lifetimes.

Here are some common characteristics:

  • The overwhelming feeling that – at any moment – the other shoe’s going to drop. Things may be ok now, but just wait, it’ll fall apart any minute!
  • Obsessive worrying about losing a child, spouse or someone close to you. They may be just five minutes late coming home but you’re sure they’ve been abducted or in a fatal accident.
  • No matter how hard you try, you can’t ever shake the limiting belief that things will never work out, no matter how hard you try. Or that there will never be enough, so why bother?
  • And even if that thing does work out, something bad will happen to ruin everything. Leaving you unemployed, broke, homeless, and alone.

These kinds of worries are clear indicators that your soul is working through a past life fear of Loss. The good news is, healing from Loss (or any past life fear) is possible.


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