A past life fear of Failure can often be triggered by the changing of the year. How often have you begun a new year with optimism and conviction, only to end up in the same old place after a few months? The major culprit is a past life fear, which is good news, because that means it’s curable.

In this week’s broadcast, Ainslie shares more about the past life fear of failure, and how he helped a client overcome theirs. He and Christine also share how to move through your own fear by focusing on empowering beliefs. Click the video below to watch.

Please note: There is a typo in the first slide of the video. The slide shows January 1, 2022 when it should be January 1, 2023. This video is a recording of the January 1, 2023 Soul World Sunday broadcast.

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Your Soul’s Past Shapes Your Present

The changing of the year marks, for many, a time of new beginnings. Many set goals, make resolutions, and have hopes for positive changes in their life.

But how often have you begun the year with optimism and conviction, only to end up in the same old place after a few months? By the time summer rolls around, you might not even remember the resolutions you made.

The major culprit is a past life fear, which is good news, because that means it’s curable.

Past Life Trauma Creates Fears in This Life

A fear of Failure is the inevitable result of a past life of disappointment. It’s usually one in which you never really got on track with your life plan, or maybe didn’t even make it past the age of 20.

This fear manifests as procrastination (what’s the point in doing anything if it probably won’t work out, anyway?) and a lack of belief in your own ability to manifest your goals (other people always seem to be more successful – I’m just not good enough).

We all have past-lives of disappointment. The problem is that the soul always looks back, not forward, for reference. An unresolved past life fear of Failure can send the message to your soul that disappointment lurks around the next corner, and that you’re unlikely to ever have the success you’re destined for in this life.

Heal Your Soul’s Fear of the Past

The thing about past life work is that healing begins as soon as your soul realizes the fear resonance it’s been carrying is from its past, and no longer relevant in this life.

Sometimes healing is instantaneous. Other times it takes some processing to be complete. But no matter how big your soul’s fear, it is possible to experience an empowering shift once you identify the past life cause.


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