Our soul craves the freedom to achieve the goals that are part of our life plan.

In this week’s broadcast, Christine and Ainslie explain how an old soul can seek their own freedom and support the same in others. Click the video below to watch.

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Your soul seeks the freedom to complete the life plan it created while still on the Astral Plane. But from parents to teachers to others, people often interfere with our ability to express our true selves.


As your soul ages, it makes plans that ensure it gains the experience it needs to grow. Many old souls choose a mission of Exploration, which requires the freedom to accumulate knowledge and understanding.

We’ve all had lifetimes where our freedoms have been restricted, which is why we seek freedom for ourselves.


Freedom is one of the soul’s ten core values that all souls aspire to achieve. It’s important to create freedom for yourself, but it’s equally important to extend the same courtesy to others by supporting them in exploring their soul’s life plan.

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